Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ramadhan 1437H goals.

Assalamualaikum, bloggers.

Ramadhan kareem to all. Ehem. Voice check, 123, 123.

Sorry for not update any entries for about a month. Or 2? *ajet-ajet ada orang baca blog huuuuu

Starting this entry (MAYBE), i would like to write in English to improve my language.

Ramadhan this year, i had a chance to spend it with my family because it is on study week. So, no lectures and tutorials anymoreeeeee!

But, examination is waiting T.T beware!

Hmmm. Talk about ramadhan goal, i only have one for this time being. Maybe will be increase time by time. Ahaks. My goal is to improve my dua after solah, as i always recite simple dua before. I feel like it was not enough. So, i install an app of 'wirid dan doa selepas solat' on my phone.

I think the app is good and beneficial to me. Even though, it is like after prayers, i'm rushing to hold my phone, i'm doing a good thing, right?

InsyaAllah, i'm trying to remind all the dua. #prayforme :')

Pity me who have live for 21 years but just now get 'hidayah' to remind dua after solah D:

Forgive me if there is grammar mistake. Sorry, i'm not so expert in English. Never get an A in uni. Sobsobss... But you can always comment so i can improve my English :)

Till meet again ;)
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